Canaries and Birds Samu

Breeding, Sale and Distribution of Canaries of all breeds and other birds.
Distribution to shops of animals and professionals from Spain and the rest of the world.

With more than 20 years’ experience and passion in the breeding of canaries, we specialise in the wholesale retail and distribution of canaries of all breeds, along with other birds to stores in Spain and abroad. Our goal is to offer our customers the finest species of canaries on the market at the best price, as well as providing after-sales support and information.

With a zoological breeding core ES410410000224 our facilities comply with all the requirements, hygienic conditions and administrative controls that a zoo breeding centre must meet for its maintenance and the transport of canaries and other birds. We are passionate about the breeding of canaries and maintaining the canary breed, thus wholly convinced that it is an efficient way to foster the species’ conservation.


Batch Canary Sales

Sale and wholesale distribution of batches of canaries and other birds, from small to large batches of thousands of canaries and other birds.


National and International Shipments

We boast the experience, resources and administrative controls for the sale of birds and canaries and their shipment to Spain or any other part of the world.
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Professionalism and Quality

Wide-ranging experience in the importing and exporting of birds, guaranteeing the Animal and Professional Stores that they will receive specimens of extraordinary quality.

Import and Export

We are specialist in the importing and exporting of Canaries and other types of birds from and to different countries throughout the world.

Worldwide Import/Export Canarys & Birds

We are a company with experience in the importing / exporting of canaries and other types of birds to different types of suppliers and customers, such as international wholesalers within the sector, animal stores, breeders or importers and exporters of birds from different countries such as Mexico, Israel, Indonesia …

Our company is at the forefront in Europe in the sector, which allows us to offer a wide variety of canaries and other birds to our customers.

All our canaries and birds are delivered with their corresponding official veterinary certificates and CITES document if necessary.


Our Canaries

We have a large variety and rotation of canaries for sale of all types and breeds such as AGI, red mosaic, deep red, Paris, Gloster, white canaries, amongst others … If you are looking to buy any type of canary birds, at the Pajarería Samu Aviary, we offer you the possibility of purchasing either a single bird or large batches of canaries.

Other birds

We offer you a wide range of birds for sale of the best quality selected from the most renowned breeders. Diamond birds of all breeds and varieties: Mandarin diamond, tricolour diamond, mottled, De Gould diamond, bib diamond… Should you be unable to locate any particular species, please contact us and we will find it for you.

Info and Contact

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you. Thank you


Pajarería SAMU
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Estepa. Sevilla

+34 687 615 360

zoological breeding core ES410410000224

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